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Children's Eye Exam

While your kids may have vision screenings at school, these tests cannot always detect eye and vision issues. A back-to-school eye exam allows your optometrist near me to check for refractive errors, focusing problems, and other issues that affect your child’s ability to see. Our eye doctor at Eye Clinics of Seattle in the neighborhoods of Roosevelt, Ballard, and Queen Anne, WA, can do a pediatric eye exam to protect your child’s eye and vision health. We are here to tell you more about pediatric eye exams and how they can help your family.

Child Eye Exam

Why Do Kids Need Pediatric Eye Exams?

These exams allow our eye doctor to detect and diagnose issues with your child’s eyes and vision early on before they lead to significant problems in the future. Many eye and vision errors can make reading or seeing the whiteboard challenging for your child, drastically impacting their learning ability. Regular eye exams help prevent these complications and protect your child’s eye and vision health.

Help With Vision Correction

Some children have nearsightedness, or myopia, without realizing it. Your child may squint and experience eye strain and headaches while trying to see objects at a distance. Eye exams allow us to check your child’s visual acuity and correct vision problems with eyeglasses. Making sure your kids can see clearly both near and far helps prevent issues with learning and development. These exams are also crucial for reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance if your child plays sports.

What to Expect During a Pediatric Eye Exam

Our optometrist will perform multiple tests to evaluate your child’s eyes and vision. We will measure their vision to see if they need corrective lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. We will also check eye function and eye health to detect and address problems as early as possible.

When to Schedule a Back-to-School Eye Exam

While having your child’s eyes checked before they head back to school is vital for ensuring they can see when trying to learn, you can set up these exams any time during the year. You should schedule pediatric eye exams once a year or as often as our eye doctor recommends. These exams are an integral part of your child’s eye health.

Visit Our Eye Doctor in Seattle, WA, for a Pediatric Eye Exam Today

Pediatric eye exams are crucial for ensuring your child has healthy eyes and strong vision, so contact Eye Clinics of Seattle in the neighborhoods of Ballard, Queen Anne, and Roosevelt, WA, to protect your child’s vision today. Call us and schedule a back-to-school eye exam at (206) 282-8120.


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