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Myopia Control

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, affects millions of people worldwide and its prevalence is on the rise. This condition causes blurry distance vision, making it challenging for to see objects far away clearly. While glasses and contact lenses can correct vision, managing myopia progression in childhood can be highly beneficial for long-term eye health. Prior to visiting Eye Clinic of Seattle in Seattle, WA, learn more about myopia control below:

Myopia Control

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia control is a proactive approach to managing myopia in children. It aims to slow down the elongation of the eyeball, which causes nearsightedness to become worse. Not only that, but it can also can help prevent the development of high myopia, which increases the risk of eye diseases later in life, such as glaucoma and retinal detachment.

Treatments for Myopia

Eye Clinics of Seattle, serving the communities of Roosevelt, Ballard, and Queen Anne, offers a wide range of myopia control options for children. Our experienced optometrists will work with you and your child to create a personalized treatment plan based on their individual needs and preferences. Some of the available options include:

•           Specialized contact lenses: These lenses, like orthokeratology lenses, can gently reshape the cornea while your child sleeps and provide clear vision throughout the day.

•           Atropine eye drops: These low-dose drops help relax the focusing muscles in the eye, slowing down myopia progression.

•           Multifocal lenses: Multifocal lenses provide clear vision at both near and far distances and can help slow down the progression of myopia.

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Early intervention is key to successful myopia control. If your child is experiencing blurry distance vision or you have a family history of myopia, let our team at Eye Clinics of Seattle in Seattle, WA, help. We will assess your vision, discuss your concerns with you, and recommend the most suitable treatments for your condition. To schedule your comprehensive eye exam, call our office at (206) 282-8120 today. You can also browse our website to learn more about our services or to stop by in person. When you’re seeking an optometrist near me, our team looks forward to assisting you!

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