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Vision impairments begin at early ages and, for kids, it is best to sort out the problem before it becomes more serious. Newer technology allows our optometrists to properly diagnose myopia and prescribe effective solutions. One treatment for myopia and sight-related ailments is orthokeratology. If you are looking for orthokeratology to help with your or your child’s nearsightedness, we at Eye Clinics of Seattle in Seattle, WA, are here to help with our team of professional eye doctors.


Our Optometry Care

Visit our optometry team for orthokeratology treatment. Using modern technology, our eye doctors will pinpoint the exact eye-care issues you are facing and provide workable results. Using advanced tools and testing methods, an optometrist on our team can determine if you would benefit from ortho-k lenses and can proceed to guide you through the process.

Ortho-K – What It Entails

You might think of ortho-k contacts like braces for your teeth. Essentially, these lenses are meant to reshape the cornea when sleeping. It can also be used as overnight eye correction because you shouldn’t have to wear glasses or other contacts for the day after you wore them.

The Potential Benefits of Orthokeratology

The benefits of Ortho-K treatment and the lenses include:


One can happily and conveniently leave their glasses at home after wearing ortho-k for a night. You will after continue wearing them the following nights to continue to get their effects, however.


Orthokeratology is mostly painless and can be a good treatment for kids. This form of treatment is non-invasive and can remove the need for glasses, which children who don’t like glasses may enjoy.

Night Use

If you hate to wear contacts or eyeglasses, ortho-k may be right for you. Even if you find the lenses a little annoying, you might not have to worry about it as much because you’ll be asleep for most of the time when you are wearing them.

Get Orthokeratolgoy and Optometry Care from an Optometrist Near You

If you are looking for orthokeratology, visit our clinic today. We at Eye Clinics Seattle, Seattle, WA, are here to help with all your vision-related issues. Call us at (206) 282-8120 for orthokeratology and optometry care from an optometrist near you.

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