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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care at Eye Clinics of Seattle

Eye injuries and other emergencies can put your vision at significant risk and cause other complications. Seeking immediate care helps protect your vision while helping your eyes heal. Eye Clinics of Seattle in Seattle, WA, offers emergency eye care services for patients in the Ballard, Roosevelt, and Queen Anne neighborhoods. Our optometrist can provide prompt care for several eye emergencies and ensure your eye and vision health remains strong. Continue reading to learn more about eye emergencies and how we can help treat them.

Emergency Eye Care

Symptoms of Eye Emergencies

How can you tell if you need emergency care? The symptoms you are having help determine if you should seek immediate care. Some symptoms that warrant immediate attention from your eye doctor include sudden vision loss, severe eye pain, bleeding, bruising, or bulging. These can indicate significant eye and vision issues that could lead to vision loss or blindness if left untreated. You should also seek emergency eye care if your pupils are different sizes or have severe itching, irritation, or redness. Our eye doctor can examine your eyes and provide treatment to help ease symptoms and restore your vision.

Types of Eye Emergencies

There are multiple kinds of eye emergencies you can experience, like having chemicals or other substances splashed in your eyes. A black eye or other eye injuries, such as scratches, may require immediate care. Other eye emergencies include having a foreign object stuck in your eye or an allergic reaction that causes severe swelling and other eye-related symptoms. Our optometrist will determine the best way to help protect your vision and treat symptoms.

Importance of Emergency Eye Care

Some eye and vision problems cannot wait for treatment days or weeks later. Seeking immediate care helps ensure your affected eye can heal properly and lower the risk of vision loss or other health complications. Timely eye care can also help ease intense stinging, pain, or burning sensations you might experience with eye emergencies.

When to Seek Emergency Eye Care

You should seek emergency eye care if you experience any of the above symptoms or vision issues. Call us to explain what you are experiencing so we can recommend your next steps. If we determine you have an eye emergency, we can schedule an immediate appointment and get you the treatment you need to protect your vision.

Get Emergency Eye Care 

Eye injuries can lead temporary to vision loss or even permanent blindness if they do not receive prompt treatment. Call our optometrists and schedule an appointment today at (206) 282-8120 if you need emergency eye care.

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