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Selecting the right eyeglasses for your needs might seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never required eyewear before. At Eye Clinics of Seattle, we simplify the process of getting your eyes tested and choosing a new pair of glasses. Whether you’re a first-time glasses wearer or seeking an updated prescription, our expert optometrists provide top-quality support throughout the entire process.


Scheduling Your Eye Exam

What can you expect during your eye exam? Upon arrival, our optometrist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your eye health, including a vision screening and tests for common ocular diseases. We offer a wide variety of glasses to cater to every need, whether it's a simple vision correction for reading or something more specialized.

What Eyeglasses Do We Offer?

We stock many of the leading glasses brands in the country. During your appointment, the eye doctor will guide you in understanding which type of lenses is best for your unique prescription and health needs.

Common types of glasses include:

1. Single-Vision Lenses

Single-vision lenses have one prescription, typically for nearsightedness, with the same correction applied across the entire lens.

2. Bifocals

Bifocals consist of two parts, each with a different prescription, enabling clear vision for both close and distant objects. Other types of multifocal lenses, such as trifocals, are also available.

3. Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, a type of multifocal vision corrector, use a gradient to transition smoothly from one prescription to the next. This allows the wearer to see clearly at various depths and distances without excessive eye strain.

4. Reading Glasses

As people age, they often notice a decline in vision. Reading glasses may be the first step, with a low prescription designed to gently enhance focus without straining the eyes.

5. Blue Light Glasses

With an increasing amount of time spent in front of screens, discomfort can arise. Blue light glasses filter out a percentage of light from screens, providing clear vision while protecting the eyes from additional strain caused by prolonged screen exposure.

Book Your Eye Exam Today

If you've been pondering, “Where can I find a great optometrist near me?” there’s good news. Eye Clinics of Seattle has locations not just in Seattle but also in Roosevelt, Ballard, and Queen Anne — making it easy to find an office convenient for you. If you've been contemplating getting glasses, contact us today to schedule your eye exam.

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